Fresh from engineering school in 1978, the words of a wise man I met ingrained themselves in my brain and have helped form the basis of my design philosophy ever since – “It is easy to make something complicated, but usually challenging to keep something simple.” A simple statement, but profound when viewed from a design perspective. “Keep it simple.” I love it. Who doesn’t like a challenge and welcome simplicity?

I have spent most of the past 39 years designing and engineering solutions to help make our lives better and our manufacturing processes easier and more reliable.  Fortune 500 companies are on my resume and I have been very involved in several multi-million dollar projects. I have also spent countless hours working with small Mom and Pop operations to develop ways for them to compete in today’s business world.

My exposure to the metal spinning industry made me realize that segment of the precision metal forming industry is largely missing out on the concept of simplicity. Yes, there are instances where the the big, bone-crushing, complex machines are required, but I believe there is also a need for a smaller, simpler machine for automatic metal spinning. That’s how the DMS Revolution was started.

A Path to Freedom

Something else I learned about the typical business in the metal spinning industry… it’s on a path to extinction if something doesn’t change. Owners of metal spinning shops know what I mean. How easy is it to hire and keep people who are hand spinners? How many machines in your shop are sitting idle because there is nobody to run them?

What if you didn’t need exceptional people to run your spinning machines? What if you could show a machine once how to spin a part and it would produce 1000’s more, of exactly the same quality, with an unskilled operator? That’s what I call your path to freedom. What’s the true value of putting your hand spinning lathes back into full production with ordinary people? I think you know the answer to that.

It’s All Good!

My teenage son brought up an interesting point not long ago and I was quite impressed with his viewpoint. He commented that with my business everyone benefits. When I asked him to explain he pointed out that DMS Design not only helps our family by providing for our needs, but it also helps out all the suppliers we purchase goods and services from to build our products. He went on to say even our customers benefit because they can produce better quality parts for their customers and the technology allows them to grow their business and help a lot of people there too! I thought that was quite interesting coming from an impressionable youth.

Chances are you don’t know me from a hill of beans. Those who do, know that I am a kind, caring and honest person that would do almost anything for anybody, as long as it was in the interest of something good. Drop me a quick email or give me a call and let me know how I can help you get your business back on track.


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