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Tuesday, February 20th 2018

Metal spinning has been around for thousands of years. Since there is no known technology that can effectively replace the process, it is likely to continue to thrive. If you currently spin metal you know how tough it can be to get good, reliable metal spinning equipment, especially a CNC metal spinning lathe machine. If you have shopped around you most likely have seen the usual over-priced big name brands, or the outdated recycled equipment typically offered.

DMS Revolution Metal Spinning Machine Robot
Enter the DMS REVOLUTION. Here in Ontario Canada, we manufacture a state-of-the-art CNC metal spinning lathe conversion attachment, which can be mounted to virtually any metal spinning machine. Your old metal hand spinner can be converted, often within a few hours, into an automatic CNC metal spinning machine. The mounting interface is developed as required to suit your specific needs. Got an old CNC machine that’s outdated? We can build you a new high efficiency slide for that too.

Our 2-axis robot uses the latest servo drive technology to produce incredible accuracy, high rolling forces and all in a very quiet, energy efficient non-hydraulic environment.

The standard version uses very powerful high resolution servo motors capable of developing more than 4000 pounds of forming force at the spinning roller, but higher or lower power models are available.

CNC metal spinning is now affordable!

Our motto is “Keep it simple.” The DMS Revolution conversion has been designed to plug into a standard 115/230V outlet, so you can put it almost anywhere. Using only the highest quality components, we have developed this simple plug-and-play robot which will transform your old hand spinning lathe into a very powerful CNC spinning machine with amazing accuracy.
Complete CNC Metal Spinning Lathe
Should you decide that it is time to retire your old machine, we also offer a complete CNC metal spinning machine! The standard base will accommodate up to a 36″ diameter disk. Because we manufacture these ourselves, custom designs are available should you require a larger range. With a weight of about 3500 pounds, this machine is certainly not a toy! The rapid-action tailstock and precision live center make this unit a breeze to load and unload.

A Complete Package

Complete CNC Metal Spinning Lathe with Trimmer

Each DMS Revolution includes the 2-axis robot, complete with servo motors and gear boxes if required, as well as a 19.5″ touchscreen computer control system which is fully configured and ready for action. Operation is really quite simple and our control system provides die tracing, as well as teach by joystick functionality. We also provide remote assistance via the internet should you need a helping hand to get you started, or to install one of our free updates. Once you have made and run a couple of programs, you too will love our “keep it simple” philosophy that is built into each and every system.

The standard CNC metal spinning robot comes with a manual three position turret. An automatic CNC 3 position tool changer is also available and will provide you the flexibility to spin most parts without having to get the wrenches out. The size and style of the spindle motor are typically designed to suit your needs. You tell us the horsepower you need and we’ll look after the rest. The actual size of the base can also be customized should you require a special layout.

Each unit comes with thru-hardened 4″ spinning rollers and quick-change holders. The spinning rollers can be profiled to suit your application. Extra tooling may be purchased for a nominal charge – let us know what you need.

Centering Device For Metal Disk

Secondary operations such as trimming and beading are easily accomplished with the use of optional attachments. These units can be customized to suit your product’s specifications! Simple reliability. That’s what we’re about and you won’t break the bank to get on board either.

Having trouble finding hand spinners to run your lathes?

Maybe it is time to look at the Revolution. Most high school kids today can efficiently run these machines due to their understanding of computers. CNC metal spinning lathes are the future of the metal spinning industry. Now we have made it affordable for you to get in on the action.

Tell us what you need and we deliver. No surprises. Simple.

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